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Schools of English for Foreign Students

London Big Ben Courses:
Vary from full time to part time, by terms or all year round. Can combine different schools. Academic records may be transferred so that teachers at the second destination will know the progress made at the first school.

Schools in crowded parts of London Many school facilities include wireless Internet connection and a multimedia room where you can send emails and use the internet.

In some schools it is possible to be able to practise English using multimedia CD-ROMs.

  1. International School of English
  2. Anglo School Crystal Palace
  3. College of Central London
  4. London Schools of English for Foreign Students
  5. British ESOL Citizenship Whitechapel Courses
  6. Bromley Language Adult Courses
  7. City of London College of English
  8. English Institute of Studies
  9. Wapping School of English London
  10. ELT School of English
  11. English Speech and Drama School
  12. English Language Centre
  13. Learning Outside the classroom
  14. Kings Street School
  15. Linguarama
  16. Life Long Learner
  17. London Management International
  18. Our World English in Dulwich College
  19. Purley College of English
  20. Queen's English Institute
  21. Language Tuition
  22. Twin UK Training Development
  23. UK School of English
  24. West King School of English Branches

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